Dark Girls

Black Is Beautiful?

A few weeks ago now I watched a documentary online called Dark Girls that fully captured my attention and ignited a full on debate between my friends and I. Dark Girls documents and explores colorism based on skin tone among African Americans, a subject that is still often considered taboo by many black Americans today. The documentary also touched on classism, racism and contains interviews with notable African Americans, as well as the general public where they shared their personal stories and opinions with the world. Although the documentary focuses on African Americans this issue is prevalent all over the world and affects some of us on a daily basis. 

I was literally glued to my screen, and immediately started sending the videos link to all my friends. I just couldn't believe some of the things people in the video were coming out with, in 2013 may I add. The contrast between how white people in the video talk about our black beautiful skin as opposed to how we talk down about our own skin amazed me, the lack of self-esteem we have and the extreme measures we will go through to change it. 

Don't get me wrong we are guilty of saying negative things about someone's complexion, sometimes without even realising it. How many times have you heard "oh, she's pretty for a dark skin girl" and "omg look at how dark she/he is".. We ALL need to do better. 

After watching this documentary a few questions came into my head, probably un-unswerable questions, such who or what was to blame for this issue. Was it slavery? Is that the root of all of this and has that self-hate been engraved and embodied in us making us devalue ourselves subconsciously? 

I realised that this issue of colorism is not just with us black people, but with other races aswell.. why is this? Why can't we accept ourselves and love the skin we are in? With black people is it slave mentality? 

If you haven't yet watched the documentary, I suggest you do because it's a real eye opener. Watch It Here

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you have any experiences with colorism? What are your preferences and why? Comment below :) Let's have a healthy debate. 

Much Love,