Music Monday #5

I feel like i'm so out of touch with music since I've gone to Thailand. The best bit of music I heard out there was literally only through the pool and beach parties we went to. Anyway, this past week I've been trying to play "catch-up" and I find myself going back to these tracks.

Usher is back y'all! Look at him dancing like the good 'ole days. And I'm guessing from the return of his infamous "U"chain (as seen in the video) we should expect to hear some classic R&B tunes from his upcoming album and I can't wait. I just love the soul-funk jazzy feel to the song, and I love the video.

I can't belieb i'm saying this, but I THINK i'm officially a 'belieber'. I never really used to be a fan of Justin Bieber before, but "Confident" was my jam and now the same has to be said for his latest song "All That Matters". His voice has matured so much, i'll hear a song on the radio and will be gobsmacked when I find out it's actually him. The lyrics are cute and the beat is on point.

Another song I can't get enough of is "Smartphones" by Trey Songz. I love how real the video is too. I've actually seen this happen in real life and trust me it aint no joke, these smartphones be ending relationships. I hope Trey makes more songs like these, I miss the old "Neighbours Know My Name" Trey.

Mpho x 




Trench Coat - H&M 
Polka Dot Shirt - New Look 
White Jeans - TopShop (Joni) 
Gold & Black Strappy Heels  - New Look 

I can't remember the last time I shared an outfit of the day with you guys so here it is :) Well technically speaking, it's not "of the day" because this was taken yesterday. Anyway, my uni friend Sam is going away to Berlin for the summer, so Libby and myself decided it was the perfect opportunity for all of us to catch up over some lovely food and drinks. Negril, a Jamaican food restaurant based in Brixton was the host. It was my first time going there, and I will definitely be going back. Apart from the tasty food we had, what I love most about this place is the atmosphere. It has such a chilled yet vibrant, urban feel to it. The service was good, the music and to top it all off you can take your own drinks there, yes including alcohol just for £2.50. I mean it don't get better than that!

I'm afraid you are going to be seeing a lot of these white jeans on here, I cannot stop wearing them. I've never really been a 'jeans' person, only for the simple fact that it's an absolute nightmare finding jeans that fit me properly, however, Topshop jeans are IT! Pricey? yes! But so worth it.

So here's what I had...

Saltfish Fritters as a starter 

Ox-tail and Rice n Peas for the main 
Mpho x 


Sawadee Krab/Kha

That's 'hello' in Thai. I picked up a word or two while I was away… 

Hello Everyone :) I'm backkkk! I don't even know where to start if I'm honest with you. Well, I've been back a week now from Thailand and I can finally say that my body clock is back to normal and I am no longer jet-lagged. Before going away I told myself I was going to do a day-by-day post of what I was getting up to, but that plan went out the window almost instantly. The fun I was having simply didn't allow me to even think about blogging ( I took thousands of pictures though as you could imagine).

Had it not been for my cousin deciding to get married in Thailand, I probably wouldn't have gone for a long time. You know how it is, forever making plans and promises with friends and family about holidays and getaways that never happen, but this happened and it was the most amazing time of my life. Everyone's been asking me tons of questions, and i've been finding it hard to put into words just how amazing Thailand was. Words just cannot describe or even give you a clear picture of what I saw and did. The people were so friendly, kind and warm. They loved my brown skin, which was just mind blowing and weird at the same time because I learnt that being light skinned was very important to Thai people especially the women. In a few places we visited, we saw people covered up in hoodies, oversized hats, face masks, holding up big umbrellas to shield themselves from the scorching heat and when we asked one of them they simply explained that being dark skinned means being associated and put in a group of migrant workers, street food sellers, maids and poverty. It's quite sad really…

The food. Oh, the food… Absolutely amazing! The beach, our villa, parties, shopping, Tuk Tuks, motorbikes, thai massages, the views, the wedding, the food, the food and the food was amazing (someone give me another word) and ofcourse the company. I couldn't have gone to such a beautiful place with lovelier people. People that you hardly knew but at the end of it all feel like family. What the hell was Drake saying about "No New Friends?" Pffffft. 

Anyway, I'm sure its pretty clear that I loved every single minute of Thailand, and will probably do another post just to rub your faces in it once more so i'll leave it here for now

Mpho x