Company Bloggers Style The High Street Event

This time last week I was having the time of my life at The Tobacco Dock in East London, in the presence of youtube bloggers, some of the industries fashionista's and gulping down free cocktails. A week on, and I'm sat in my fluffy onesie, drinking tea, and reminiscing about how it was all good just a week ago. #Sigh If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (add me:LipsHipsThighs) then i'm sure it was quite apparent how much fun I was having, along with my girl Libby. 

Company Magazine, teamed up with 8 bloggers, with each of them acting as stylists for high street brands Primark, M&S, ASOS, River Island, Yumi, Warehouse, Next and Oasis. I wish I could say I was invited haha but sadly i'm not quite on that level YET, so I had bought a ticket for £25 which had the benefits of sitting front-row at the fashion show, free drinks, food, pampering stations around the venue such as getting make-overs and nails done etc and a goodie bag worth over £50 which had some amazing products from Sleek, Impulse, Yardley and many more. 

Overall, the event had an amazing turn out, and I got to meet some cool people. The highlight of my night however, came when myself and Libby met Patricia Bright and her husband Mike from http://patriciabright.co.uk / https://www.youtube.com/user/BritPopPrincess. We were so gassed and overly excited, I didn't even know what to say to Mike apart from comment about his ginger beard, go me! Not to mention how cringey I was when Patricia filmed us for one of her vlogs... kill me now. But aside from acting like crazy fans and possibly scaring them away, they were so lovely. So down to earth and humble; exactly how they come across on Youtube and how I had imagined them to be. I mean that in the most normal, uncreepy way possible. 

You know when you take a camera out with you, then end up taking pictures on your phone instead because it's less hassle? Well that's exactly what happened here guys, so please excuse the quality on some of the pics.

 Oversized Coat - H&M 
Mesh Top - ASOS
Pleather Joggers - H&M
Sandal Heels - New Look 
Lipstick - Cyber by MAC 

Mpho x 


Music Monday #10

Music Monday is back in full force, and next up on the list is Mila J, known to most as Jhene Aiko's sister. Not a lot of people have heard about Mila J, however,  way before she took a hiatus for a couple of years before coming back into the music scene in 2012 she had major hits such as 'Complete' and 'Good Looking Out' featuring Marques Houston which I still love! 

Fast forward to 2014, and Mila J has totally transformed herself. What I love the most, is the fact that she is doing something completely different to her sister. Her look is different, her sound and her lyrical content is nothing like Jhene's. 

Mila has just released her debut EP entitled M.I.L.A, which stands for Made in Los Angeles on October 14th, and it doesn't disappoint. All the songs are equally good and I've been playing it non stop ever since she released. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more from her. No doubt. 

Listen to the EP below. And tell me what you think in the comments below :) 

Mpho x 


OOTD | The Shirt

I thought I would inject some colour other than black and white, in my life through this shirt a couple of days ago. 

How amazing is this shirt by the way? I love the print, the length and the material is great. It's so warm, it's perfect for those chilly days. I got it last year from Libby who was selling some of her stuff. You know what they say... One man's trash is another man's treasure and all that.

Last time, I wore it as a dress (below) but it's getting quite cold now and this time I was off to uni instead of an event so toned it down a bit and instead teamed with my favourite pair of jeans and my new boots from H&M.

Please don't mind the pose. I'm useless 
Shirt - Monki 
Black Jeans - Topshop 
Boots  - H&M 
Mpho x


Life Lessons | Family

I haven't done one of these posts in a long time, but I thought I would do a quick post about the importance of family because we can sometimes "forget", take family for granted or let whatever it may be get in the way. Every family goes through it's up and downs, that's how life goes. No family is perfect, and we sometimes wish certain members of our families were not part of it, trust me I know all about that. And yes, there are also those who have done unforgivable things, which I can totally understand and more power to you for getting rid of anything negative in your life. However...

One thing I cannot stand is people who take family for granted. I mean, don't get me wrong we all complain about how annoying mums, dads and siblings may be but that's different...

I know all of this may sound a bit random, and I may be stating the obvious here, but in exactly 47 days I am going back to South Africa to see my family after two years, and it will be the first time in five years that I will get the chance to spend Christmas with them. And it wasn't up until my manager wasn't feeling the idea of me going away, during one of the busiest periods in retail that it dawned on me how much I love and miss my family back home. I guess what i'm trying to get at, is that some of you don't realise what you have. Use the time you have with your loved ones wisely. Cherish those moments and most importantly make amends, especially over little things before it's too late, because some people like me who are away from their families would love nothing more than to see their loved ones at the click of a finger.

Family is everything.

Mpho x


LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Wave goodbye to dry, chapped lips instantly... 

There's nothing worse than dry, crusty lips, especially when you're a lipstick lover like myself. And now that the harsh weather is fast approaching Vaseline alone sure aint gonna do the job, so I present to you what I call a little miracle in a jar: Mint Julips Lip Scrub in Mint Chocolate. Lush also makes this scrub in a 'Bubblegum' and 'Popcorn' flavour, just incase Mint Chocolate doesn't tickle your fancy. 
The scrub acts as a gentle exfoliant for your lips, leaving them soft and ready for an ultra smooth lipstick application. The sugar crystals infused with warming peppermint, sweet vanilla and Jojoba Oil buff away all the flaky skin. 
All you simply need to do is dip/scoop a small amount onto your finger, and massage over your lips in a circular motion until you feel confident that all dead skin is gone, then you lick your lips. That's right... Lick your lips. As nasty as it may sound, please rest assured that the LUSH lip scrubs are 100% edible. Mint Chocoloate flavour with NO guilty feelings afterwards, result! 
You can use this scrub as many times as you like. I use mine every morning, followed by Nivea's Pure & Natural lip balm (milk & honey) to moisturise my lips, then a lipstick. I sometimes repeat this a few times during the day if my lips get flaky, or after lunch etc before reapplying my lipstick. I've only had this lip scrub for a couple of weeks, and despite using it every single day, a thousand times over, i've only managed to make a small dent in it. It lasts! 
Remember ladies, dry lips are not sexy at all. You too can have luscious lips like myself (haha i'm joking) for only £5.50. You will never look back. I haven't...

You can pick this lip scrub at any LUSH store near you or online Here
Don't forget to tell me what you think, and if you have any other lip therapy secrets you would like to share please leave a comment below.

Mpho x


OOTD | Noir

I'm completely obsessed with all things black and white, and all around simplicity nowadays. I mean, you can never go wrong with black, you can wear it a million ways and it goes with absolutely every colour.

This friday just gone was no different as I fully donned my favourite colour(s) to Uni from head to toe. Also, can we please have a moment of silence for my jacket... I can't get enough of it. So much so, that I have gone ahead and bought a similar one in grey. The oversized coat trend has well and truly hit me.

Bowler Hat - H&M 
Plain T-shirt - H&M 
Jeans -  Primark 
Jacket  - H&M 
White Sandals - New Look 

Mpho x 


OOTD | Monochrome

I think without even realising it, near enough everything in my wardrobe has become black and white lately. I just love black what can I say. Not only is it slimming, but let's face it, black goes with everything so it's easy to style especially on days when you just haven't got the time, which to be fair is quite often when I have Uni.

Also, I STILL cannot get enough of my hair. I am absolutely in love with it, not to mention the fact that people keep telling me I look like Miss Olivia Pope herself, compliment much?

I'm not really a huge make-up person unless it's for a special occasion, and even then I still need to watch a YouTube video for guidance lol, however, i've been experimenting a bit more with powders and foundations and I have to recommend L'oreal's True Match Foundation (Cappuccino for my complexion). I just love how my it makes my skin look, so natural and radiant, and not cakey. I've tried MAC foundations in the past and I always found I had to mix them with a different shade as they matched my skin tone wrong. I've heard they do this to a lot of people actually. Anyway, I just think MAC is overrated and people just buy into the name so don't be wary of trying something new, go into any beauty store and ask for a sample if you're unsure. If you have any foundations/powders you can recommend for darker skin tones do share please.

Oversized Jacket - H&M
Slogan T-Shirt - H&M
Black Jeans - Topshop (Joni)
Backpack - New Look 
Trainers - New Balance 

Mpho x