Brown Skin

You know I love your brown skin.... 

 This is India Arie's new album cover, Cocoa Butter. For all of you who don't know who she is, she is an American recording artist with an amazing, unique voice. She is probably one of the most underrated female artists in my opinion, and up until now has stayed true to who she is no matter what *queue*.. "I am not my hair".

India preaches about self love, self acceptance, staying true to yourself and how she is not the average girl from the videos. So i'm sitting here with confusion as to why she would allow this image, that has clearly been photoshopped to be used as her album cover. As a fan of India's myself, I must say i'm disappointed, she looks like a hypocrite right now. India, is a very dark skinned girl for starters, but from this image, you wouldn't tell! I hardly recognised her! What the hell is in that cocoa butter?!
Has the pressure of the media and music industry finally caused India to crack and conform to what most people in society today say is beautiful? Does she think that being 'lighter' will boost her album sales?

I honestly find it really sad, that so may people feel as though if you're lighter, your hair is straighter, or if you're stick thin then that classes as being more beautiful. It is really sad. So many young girls bleach these days too, fair enough, i'm sure you have your reason's, but don't try and fool people and say that you don't, your knuckles and elbows give you away girl! *side eye* Then, you have the boys that go on about "lighties, and yellow-bones", I won't even comment on that, because they can't be blamed I guess, people are responsible for their own actions.

Obviously, this is a very controversial issue, and certainly one that is very debatable, so comment below and tell me how you feel.

Mpho x


Back Like We Never Left

 Best-friend. Stranger. Friend.

This past weekend was the 21st birthday of my childhood friend Stephanie, DjSteph, or whatever she goes by these days lol. What an eventful, crazy, weird, weekend it was too. I know it's cliche to say "we've been through so much", but we actually have. 
Started being friends with Steph back in school in like year 9  (we kinda had no choice seeing as we were like the only black girls in our year), went to the same college, we were practically inseparable and part of each others families.. Not going into too much detail, fast forward two years of not speaking, to now then trying to rebuild our friendship, here we are today. I say 'weird' because at first I was nervous about meeting her new friends, seeing her family again, but honestly it's as though nothing ever happened. 
We went to a Brazilian restaurant called Preto, I haven't been that full in a minute. There was every type of meat you can imagine coming from all types of directions, buffet, cake, cupcakes, cocktails, shots.. you name it. To say everyone was merry is an understatement. We also had a 'My Sweet 16' moment when were asked to go outside and witness the birthday girl receive her main gift (other than the Michael Kors watch, hundreds of notes falling from birthday cards, new house lol) A MINI COOPER! rich bitch!
Anyways, if you're reading this and you are in a similar situation, my advice to you is to make amends with that person. Think about it this way, if something was to happen to that person, how would you feel? would you regret not taking the chance to say whatever you wanted to say to them? Life is too short to be holding grudges, some people are truly meant to be in your life for a reason. We reconnected at the milestone age of 21, more mature and with a different outlook on life and I don't think thats a coincidence. 

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.” 

Mpho x 

Angela Simmons Launches High-Fashion Clothing Line

Angela by Angela Simmons...

 Yet again, another celebrity has launched their own fashion line. It seems like every other day a different celeb launches a line right? Angela Simmons, the daughter of Rev Run (whose house???? Run's house!!!) is the latest celebrity to do so. Angela stunned many when she revealed her Spring/Summer collection on her website http://angelaiam.com.

She gave her fans a sneak peek of the new line, in a video featuring a model posing in a few of her pieces, along with a short message that read "I'm so excited to share the first video for my Angela by Angela Simmons collection. I've always wanted to create a fashion line and it's finally happening. Check out a sneak peek of my collection". 

 Angela, did an interview with Global Grind, where she opened up about herself, her designs and where her inspiration came from. 

GlobalGrind: What should people expect from your clothing line?  
Angela Simmons: It is stuff you can wear for a long time. I think it is important to create fashion that is really fashionable, yet still affordable. I feel like this industry is such a fast moving place in the fashion world and it is important to stay up with the trends and be able to still afford it, to wear it, but let it still be fashionable at the same time.
That is one of my things with my line; it is feminine, it is chic, yet it is still dressed down and comfortable. It is something you can wear from day to night.
Tell us a little about the work that went into the making of the promo video. 
Without giving away too much, I can say I cast some models, I did everything and I have been working on it forever. I have been very hands on with it and it is my baby, so I am very excited for everyone to see it!
How do you think things have grown since your initial days of designing Pastry? You have grown and your design has grown, so what has changed? Has your approach changed?
I wouldn’t say it changes. I think as humans, we just evolve. With people as you grow up, you evolve; it is a natural change and that change just depends on the people you’re around and what you’re inspired by. My inspirations change throughout the years, the people I look up to change, and you gain knowledge and you apply it to your life - for me that is where I have been.
What was the most challenging part about stepping up into a more grown up fashion venture? The girls who once wore Pastry are now the women who will be wearing your new clothing line.
The passion for fashion has always been there for me. I am just following my passion and doing what I truly love to do...The designs will change with the seasons, but I am just excited about it.
You’re always focused on positivity and your goals, so what tips would you give women about remaining positive and remaining on the path to their goals?
Staying positive really has to do with you and how you react to things. You create negativity by responding to negativity. You’re always going to hear opinions and people saying what they want about you, but it is their opinion. It’s about just blocking it out and staying in your happy world.
There are so many people who have so many things to say about me whether it is negative or positive, and I choose to focus on the positive and live with that. If you focus on the negative it will just drive you crazy.  It will have you questioning yourself and you don’t want to do that. Staying positive just has to do with staying around people who inspire you and being around things that make you happy.
What do you think of her clothes? Comment below :) 
Mpho x 


Rihver Island

Hit or Miss?

So as we all know by now i'm sure, RiRi, has teamed up with popular high street retail store River Island, and launched her own fashion line. If i'm being honest, I am in two minds about this range. A part of me really likes it and the other part of me is disappointed and feels Rihanna could have been much more creative. We've already seen the crop tops, high slit midi skirts, dresses and items with either leather or mesh inserts. 
HOWEVER, in saying all that... I also think Rihanna was quite smart in thinking about what her target market and what her undying fans would wear. She's taken what's already popular amongst the fashion world right now and put her own twists on it such as the slash back crop top and thigh split maxi skirt. I mean, not everyone can pull off the edgy look so I guess she had to simplify it right? I love the modernised 90's feel/look to it, and could see myself in some of the pieces but damn some of the clothes are pricey! £30 for a crop top!? Come on now... What do you think? comment below :) 

Mpho x 


Hello Spring

White Crop Top - Topshop 
High Waisted Vintage Jeans - Cow 
Woollen Cardigan - Thrifted 
Belt - Thrifted 
Watch - Charity Shop 
Rings & Necklace - Topshop 
Lipstick - MAC (Media AA2) 

How great was the weather yesterday? I swear it got me so excited!  Some of you got tooooo excited though, I saw people in nothing but vests and shit. Shame the same can't be said about today's weather though, typical British weather for you I guess. As soon as I woke up yesterday I just wanted to get out of this house and do something. Luckily, my housemate was going to Coventry uni's fashion show, so I tagged along. Summer needs to come already, i'm sick and tired of wearing jackets, scarves and boots! Bring on the maxi dresses, shorts and crop tops! :) 
Also, my lovely dad got me a MACBOOK!!!!!!!!!! :) :) I love my new baby, so you will be seeing a lot of photobooth pictures hehe. 

Mpho x 


Black On Black

Top - Zara (Mens)
Leather Jacket - Topshop 
Faux Fur Gilet - Thrifted (£3)
Leather Skirt - H&M
Chelsea Boots - eBay
Leather Bag - Topshop 

I think from now on i'll be taking my pictures indoors, under-estimated how cold it actually was outside today and my fingers nearly caught frost bites! (slight exaggeration there, but yeah it was pretty cold). Recently bought this fur gilet in a vintage shop and for only £3, what a bargain. I wanted the chelsea boots from Topshop but £70?!!! hell no, not when there's eBay lol you can never go wrong with eBay and i'm all about bargains, looks pretty much the same anyway only difference being £60 saved. 

Mpho x