Entering Womanhood

I can't believe just over 4 weeks ago I turned 21. I know it's cliche, and over said, but I genuinely don't even 'feel' 21 or even look it. Oh, and what a day it was! I have never in my life gone through that many emotions in one day. It felt like everything that could go wrong, went wrong. First of all I struggled finding a venue that I wanted, then the day before the big day it starts snowing (I hate snow) I was freaking the hell out because train lines were disrupted and some of my guests were coming down from Manchester etc. Then, a huge mountain appears on my face.. A bloody cold sore, which my mum put down to stress, guests arriving in what I can only describe as BMT (black men time), parents driving me crazy, and the after party... Oh, the after party. It was memorable for sure.

BUT, even with all the madness going on, the minute I saw my dearest friends and family who had come to share my special day with me, I felt nothing but Happiness and Love. The speeches were the highlight of my night, especially my dad's speech.Well, kinda have no chocie seeing as I tattooed one of the many quotes he came out with that night lol. 

 "The eagle that soars majestically has mastered the winds by failing, yet toiling relentlessy"  In other words, there are no short cuts in life, and whatever obstacles you come across you have to keep on trying and in the end you shall succeed.  

Mpho x

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself...


Hello Everyone :) 
My name is Mpho, a 21 year old originally from South Africa currently studying BA Media and Communication in Birmingham. Lord knows I can't wait to finish uni.. funny how things are never what you expected them to be eh?! (I'm sure my fellow students can agree with me on this)

Anyways, moving on swiftly... I have just deleted all my posts from this blog, and it burns!!! Aarghh it hurts so bad lol, but it had to be done because quite frankly my blog was pretty rubbish, and that's putting it nicely. So i'm gonna start all over again, and this time it WILL be the mother of all blogs lol. 

I will be posting about fashion, music, the latest news, and my everyday life (not that interesting, trust me) and generally whatever else I find interesting, this will be my 'diary'.. See what I did there? no? lol okay. 

Finally, PLEASE remember that whatever I talk about on this blog is plain and simply my opinion and my thoughts, and not in anyway intended to cause offence to anyone or anything for that matter. 

Mpho x