Missing In Action...

Hello Everyone :)

First and foremost please, please excuse my hiatus with the blog posts. I haven't abandoned the blog whatsoever I promise, It's just been a hectic few months. But rest assured that I will be posting regularly from now on. 

Mmm where do I start?! Well for those of you that know me personally, will know how much I hated the course I was studying at Birmingham City University. (Media & Communication) I was literally SO done with it! I don't think a day went by without me complaining, but I felt stuck. Not only did I not have a clue about what I would do if I was to quit the course but I was also dreading that akward conversation with my parents (African parents and education, I know you feel me on that one lol). 

Anyway, long story short and a LOT of thinking later, I was accepted on a Fashion Journalism course at the University of Creative Arts (UCA). I am so happy, I can't tell you enough. The course so far has been everything that I was expecting, which is more than I can say about BCU!! I mean it sucks that I have to start all over again from 1st year, but you know what?? I DON'T CARE!! I've been kicking myself about not moving sooner or going there in there 1st place. Not only am I loving the fact that i'm back home, not having to worry about what i'm going to cook for dinner on a tight student budget and paying for rent, etc but I finally feel like my life is moving in the right direction and that this course is going to open so many doors for me in the long run. London is the place to be in my opinion, especially with fashion, Birmingham was slowing a girl down! I can't rave about it enough (clearly).

My brain is like a sponge, it's been soaking up everything about designers, the history of fashion and up and coming trends (I'm studying to be a fashion commentator) so expect a lot more from my blog. I feel like I have more clarity now about what i'm doing and what I want to achieve through this blog. Im excited. 

Finally, I just want to say.. Follow your heart and go with your gut instinct, as scary as it may be sometimes, but believe me, it will all be worth it in the long run. Live for YOU, and be HAPPY. 

Mpho x