New Hair | New Look

Lace Top - H&M
Black Jeans - Topshop (Joni)
Heels with Mirrored Heel - Miss Selfridge 

As you can tell from the pictures above, I think it's pretty obvious how happy I am. Life is great at the moment and not only that, I am totally in love with my hair. I don't think I've ever uploaded pictures of myself looking so smiley. Thank God for friends who can do hair eh?! Shoutout to my girl Hezel for hooking me up.

I really wanted to do something different other than my usual hairstyles such as the box braids and the recent sleek bun, so after some scoping on Instagram (as you do) I decided on this side part bob.

Also, I recently joined Slimming World in the hope of shedding about a stone, and so far so good. Everyone has been saying they can see a difference, but to be honest I can't really see any changes yet. I'll be doing a post weekly after every weigh-in, to share my "journey" with you and some helpful tips I pick up at the sessions. What I love about Slimming World is the fact that you can basically eat what you want (in moderation obviously) with the book they give you as a guide to help you choose suitable meals throughout the day. I know some people may think it's a bit extreme joining Slimming World as i'm not particularly that "big" or whatever, however, I think it doesn't really matter how "big" you are, do what works for you. Also, knowing that I get weighed weekly in front of people gives me that extra push and motivation as I don't want to be the only person who hasn't lost anything in the group. I like that pressure and it's seems to working in my favour so wish me luck!

Mpho x


Back To Reality | OOTD

Yesterday was the first day back at Uni, and after having to wake up at such an ungodly hour, I found it quite hard deciding what to wear. It was pitch black outside, extremely cold but I had an inkling that the sun would come out so ruled out a big jacket. Instead, I wore my new leather jacket I recently got from the sales in French Connection.

I'm still not sure how I feel about being back at Uni, but one thing I am definitely happy about is being reunited with my girl Libby and our not-so-willing photographer Sam, and ofcourse the endless OOTD posts I can do now I have someone to take my pictures because my mum was hopeless!

Check out Libby's blog on http://www.libbyroselondon.com for more details on her OOTD.

Leather Jacket - French Connection 
Striped Shirt - H&M 
Black Jeans - Topshop (Joni super high-waisted)
Strapped Sandals - Primark 
Studded Clutch - Accessorize

Mpho x 


Looking Back

I think up until today I was in denial that my summer holidays were coming to an end. That was until my alarm clock rudely woke up at 5:30am this morning for the first day at back uni for second year. Yes, you read that right, I said 5:30am. And no, it's not because of excitement, it's sadly because I live  outside of London. It's actually ridiculous to be honest with you. I mean why have us go in so early on a Monday morning? for only an hour mind you?! Maybe I should complain...

Back to reality... But I guess I can't complain because looking back at the last few months all I can do is smile. I've had one of the best summers to date. Not only did I kick start my summer with a trip to Thailand (yes that's my room you see there in the picture) I also went to Wales, London Eye and endless other fun adventures (we'll forget about work for now) and to top it all off I think the weather was so good to us this year, still is actually...

I've learnt so much about life this summer. I've learnt a lot about the importance of family. I've thought hard about relationships with those around me and who I want to be in the near future, and what I need to do to be where I want to be.

Anyway, I trust and hope that you have all had an equally good summer. Now let's welcome Autumn, my favourite second season.

Mpho x


African Queen

Monochrome Top - Bentalls 
Skirt - H&M
Red Sandal Heels - Primark 
Envelope Clutch - Zara 

Please forgive the lack of posts lately. I've been so terrible at blogging it's actually embarrassing. As per usual i've been caught up at work, and to be honest I haven't done much worth blogging about so I didn't want to bore you to death with my non-existent life. Or to blog just for the sake of having a post up. After all, it's not about the quantity, it's the quality right?

However, I had a rare day off on a saturday last week to attend my friends wedding. A South Africa meets Nigeria affair. So you already know your girl had to represent for her country and rock the traditional beads. It was my first time going to a Nigerian wedding so it was a really interesting to get a glimpse of the culture. I mean I've been to Nigerian parties but not a wedding before. I'm sure it won't be my last.

I decided to keep my outfit fairly simple with the focal point of my outfit being the beads of course, and red as a pop of colour against black. I didn't want to overdo it, i'll wait for my own wedding to do that haha! I absolutely love African beads\accessories. They are just the perfect way to add vibrancy to an outfit. If you're wondering where I get my accessories from,  Spitafields Market in London is the place to go. Also, check out my friends Facebook page Thandulundi and the website www.thandulundi.com for more . You can thank me later.

Mpho x