Black Crop Top - Primark 
Faux Fur Jacket - H&M 
High Waisted Jeans - Cow (Vintage Shop)
Boots with white heel - eBay 

Hello Eveeryone =)
This is just a quick post on yesterday's outfit of the day for uni. Once again, I kept it real plain and simple. I don't really believe in wearing stiletto heels and extravagant clothes to uni, it just looks like you're trying too hard, but anyway each to their own I guess. I LOVE my H&M jacket, I still can't believe it was only £14.99 (and even less for me because I work there hehe) and it's sooo warm! I'm one of those people that get bored of hairstyles quick and unfortunately these box braids have run it's course ‪#sigh. I'm literally just holding on to the fact that it took me two whole days to do them, but hey.. They got's to go. Till the next post folks. 

Mpho x 


Hot Right Now

Shop The Trend...

(Top to bottom) Inset Midi Dress, £35, Miss Selfridge / Wine Skort, £22, Fashion Union / Platform Heels, £62, Topshop / Crushed Velvet Half-Sleeve Body, £12.99, New Look / Crop Top, £12, Nelly.com. 

One of the trends taking over the high street this season, is undoubtedly the Velvet trend. Velvet was all over the catwalks, but why pay hundreds of pounds when you can spend a fraction of that price in your high street?!
From velvet dresses, tops, kimono's, leggings, jumpsuits and many more, these velvet pieces are a MUST HAVE this season. I've snapped up a few velvet pieces myself, which I cannot wait to rock. (Plus they're warm) ! 
Mpho  x 


90s Baby

Ghetto Fabulous...

Basketball Tee - Car Boot Sale 
Leggings with Leather panel - H&M
Gold Watch - Casio 
Boots - eBay
Hello Everyone :)
Just another quick outfit of the day of what I wore to uni yesterday. Isn't it weird how a quick change of hairstyle and outfit can make you feel like a completely different person? I felt like I was thrusted back into the 90s in this 'fit, which resulted in some oddly ratchet behaviour (I promise I NEVER do that with my chewing gum lol), I think I subconsciously had an alter ego in mind... Must say, I had fun in the park with my girl Libby shooting these pics. 

I would be lying through my teeth if I said I knew anything about basketball. However, when I saw this top at my local car boot sale over the weekend I just had to get it! I mean for only a £1 I would've been an idiot not to take it. I love it! Wore my new boots from the previous post again, I am gonna be wearing them to death, I can just see it. I definitely need to buy some more pairs in different colours and style. 

Mpho x



Long Sleeved Black Top - Primark Basic 
Denim Dungaree Dress - Topshop 
Faux Leather Backpack - H&M 
Studded Leather Jacket - Topshop
Cutout Boots w/ white sole/heel - eBay 
Lips - Mystic by Sleek 

Hey Everyone :) 
So as promised, I'm back to blogging *cue crowd cheer* This is just a quick post on what I wore to uni today (like my posing haha?) Nothing special at all, just kept it simple as usual. I'm really not that type to go to uni wearing 6inch heels and whatnot, I just can't put my feet through that pain, It's all about comfort with me, especially as I'm in uni till some ungodly hours (well 6pm latest) sometimes. I see some girls in uni walking around in towering heels and i'm just in awe.. how do you do it? and why?! 

Anyway... I am in LOVE with my new boots! eBay never fails me in that department. The chunky heel makes the boots a little more comfortable too and at only £25 I will definitely be getting the boots in all black. Another one of my recent favourites are the lipsticks by Sleek, I just can't get enough of them. They add that much needed pop of colour to the lips and plain outfits. The colours are so pixelated and suit any skin tone, and again what a bargain for only £4.99. 

Mpho x 


Missing In Action...

Hello Everyone :)

First and foremost please, please excuse my hiatus with the blog posts. I haven't abandoned the blog whatsoever I promise, It's just been a hectic few months. But rest assured that I will be posting regularly from now on. 

Mmm where do I start?! Well for those of you that know me personally, will know how much I hated the course I was studying at Birmingham City University. (Media & Communication) I was literally SO done with it! I don't think a day went by without me complaining, but I felt stuck. Not only did I not have a clue about what I would do if I was to quit the course but I was also dreading that akward conversation with my parents (African parents and education, I know you feel me on that one lol). 

Anyway, long story short and a LOT of thinking later, I was accepted on a Fashion Journalism course at the University of Creative Arts (UCA). I am so happy, I can't tell you enough. The course so far has been everything that I was expecting, which is more than I can say about BCU!! I mean it sucks that I have to start all over again from 1st year, but you know what?? I DON'T CARE!! I've been kicking myself about not moving sooner or going there in there 1st place. Not only am I loving the fact that i'm back home, not having to worry about what i'm going to cook for dinner on a tight student budget and paying for rent, etc but I finally feel like my life is moving in the right direction and that this course is going to open so many doors for me in the long run. London is the place to be in my opinion, especially with fashion, Birmingham was slowing a girl down! I can't rave about it enough (clearly).

My brain is like a sponge, it's been soaking up everything about designers, the history of fashion and up and coming trends (I'm studying to be a fashion commentator) so expect a lot more from my blog. I feel like I have more clarity now about what i'm doing and what I want to achieve through this blog. Im excited. 

Finally, I just want to say.. Follow your heart and go with your gut instinct, as scary as it may be sometimes, but believe me, it will all be worth it in the long run. Live for YOU, and be HAPPY. 

Mpho x 


RI-RI's Latest River Island Range!

Take Two Unveiled 

Rihanna has unveiled a autumn/winter 2013 collection for River Island. The 25-year-old singer's designs and second collection is so much better in my opinion than the last range, however, if you want to look anything close to RiRi you are risking the chance of filing for bankruptcy because quite frankly some of the pieces are just ridiculously expensive!
Camouflage Bomber Jacket, £80

Baseball Top, £40

Leather Pencil Skirt, £100

Camouflage Heels, £60

Black Heels, £60

Heeled Boots, £120

Black Rucksack, £20

Black Underwear Set, £25

Camouflage Crop Top, £25

Camouflage Crop Jumper, £35

Limited Edition Leather Jacket, £200

Cropped Hoodie, £40

Striped Maxi Dress, £60

Red Mesh Dress, £50

Model (left) top, £30;skirt, £40; boots, £120. (Right) dress, £60; boots, £120.
The 80-piece collection mixes an urban sports luxe theme with sophisticated, chic looks. Metallic, tartan, floral, camouflage, stripe, denim, leathers, and high shine vinyl are all strong elements in the collection, which also includes beanies and underwear with her name plastered everywhere (trying to be Calvin Klein are we?) The collection arrives in two drops, with one in September and then in November. Embossed leather jackets, and trousers, camp-printed sets and heavy, chunky boots are part of the limited-edition collection with only 100 of each design available. Did you hear that Rihanna Navy??? 100 OF EACH!! So you better be quick!!
The range is on sale in selected stores and online at www.riverisland.com from 12 September. Check out some of the pieces below (and brace yourselves for the price tags). 

Rihanna sure know's how to market her collection. Her Instagram has been filled with pictures of the star wearing her own line. Rihanna is a walking ad campaign as she has been wearing her G4Life leggings, camo crop tops and heels and monochrome print leggings. Guess she wasn't lying when she said "I literally designed everything I want to wear, exactly how I want to wear it". 
Seeing as i'm not the broke student I was few months ago (thank you H&M) I think I might just get one or two (or three) pieces from this collection, what an improvement from the last collection, I really do like some of the things this time. 

What do you think? Too overpriced? What piece you've seen from the new collection is a must have? Or are you just not impressed? Comment below :) 

Mpho x 


South African Designers at AFWL

The 2nd of August was probably the most eventful day I've had in a long time. Not only did I attend AFWL for the first time, but I was in the presence of so much talent and creativity, it was inspiring to say the least. CMG Media gave me the amazing opportunity of attending the event as 'press', this meant meeting all the designers, interviewing them, front row seats, and the privilege of going backstage (I was definitely not complaining).
Seeing as this was my first (I guess you can say 'proper' fashion show) you can imagine how excited I was. The previous day, CEO Dancers opened up the show with a banging performance, I was so bummed I couldn't attend. However, friday's show delivered too. I met and interviewed designers from South Africa such as Steve Mandy AKA Stevovo who hand paints his garments using bleach, and non other than one of South Africa's top male designers, Thula Sindi, who was showcasing his Spring/Summer 2013 collection he dubbed as 'Township Princess' in London for the first ever time.

Thula Sindi  has quickly gained a loyal following amongst those who appreciate well-made, intelligently designed and reasonably priced clothing. Since launching in 2005, Thula has gone to showcase his collections in many cities around the world, to name a few places such as Beijing, Lagos and Paris, and has dressed the elite in South African show business. I had the chance to have a quick interview with Mr. Sindi just before his first debut in London, where he told me about himself, his inspirations and future goals. Thula described his Spring/Summer 2013 collection as Uptown meets Downtown, which he says is urban kind of glamour (denim, gold, distressed fabrics) combined with classic glamour (lace trims, prim 50's necklaces and silhouettes) and elaborated on his muse, the 'Township Princess', a girl from humble beginnings with an eye for fashion who wears clothes with attitude and edge.

Steve Mandy  has pure talent, here, Stevovo hand paints all his piece, he also demonstrated this live on the runway, it was simply amazing.

Noxolo, of Bello Designs was also showcasing her collection for the first in London. Her designs are inspired by the 19th Century couture, Victorian style, with a modern twist as she incorporates a lot of denim in work. Noxolo described her time in London as "life changing" and that her time here inspired her to venture into a new things with her line such as accessories and different fabrics.

It was such a pleasure to talk to Hlengiwe of Mtofo Designs. The first thing we talked and joked about was the name 'Mtofo' which she explained came from the term 'Ntofo Ntofo' a street slang word used to describe a voluptuous/curvy woman. I was instantly attracted to Hlengiwe's stall, everyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely adore Traditional African clothes and beaded jewellery and that is exactly what Mtofo Designs was about. Hlengiwe designs all her pieces herself, and shared that she was definitely feeling the love in London and she felt that people here appreciated her pieces more.

AFWL was such an eye opener! Meeting the designers, fellow bloggers, inside bloggers, 'press' and generally fashionable people in one space was just amazing to me, and a validation of the direction I want to go in, career wise. The whole day just gave me a motivational kick (up the you know what) to just continue with this lil blog of mine, which amongst other things i'm interested in will eventually help me break into media industry. It was so good to gain insight into what goes in behind the scenes (the good and the bad) and what it takes to pull of a huge event like this.
Another thing I loved about the day is how different stalls were set up inside the venue, embodying a market vibe. You had food stalls selling the best African cuisine, jewellery, African headscarves, bags and best of all, stalls designers had set up selling their own clothes. Don't you just hate seeing something you absolutely love on the runway and having no idea where to buy it? or who to even talk to? Well AFWL tool care of that, and I thought that was so clever and carefully thought about. The only thing I can complain about is the heat! Lord have mercy it was hot in that building, I was sweating buckets. Other than that, the day was a success

Mpho x


Dark Girls

Black Is Beautiful?

A few weeks ago now I watched a documentary online called Dark Girls that fully captured my attention and ignited a full on debate between my friends and I. Dark Girls documents and explores colorism based on skin tone among African Americans, a subject that is still often considered taboo by many black Americans today. The documentary also touched on classism, racism and contains interviews with notable African Americans, as well as the general public where they shared their personal stories and opinions with the world. Although the documentary focuses on African Americans this issue is prevalent all over the world and affects some of us on a daily basis. 

I was literally glued to my screen, and immediately started sending the videos link to all my friends. I just couldn't believe some of the things people in the video were coming out with, in 2013 may I add. The contrast between how white people in the video talk about our black beautiful skin as opposed to how we talk down about our own skin amazed me, the lack of self-esteem we have and the extreme measures we will go through to change it. 

Don't get me wrong we are guilty of saying negative things about someone's complexion, sometimes without even realising it. How many times have you heard "oh, she's pretty for a dark skin girl" and "omg look at how dark she/he is".. We ALL need to do better. 

After watching this documentary a few questions came into my head, probably un-unswerable questions, such who or what was to blame for this issue. Was it slavery? Is that the root of all of this and has that self-hate been engraved and embodied in us making us devalue ourselves subconsciously? 

I realised that this issue of colorism is not just with us black people, but with other races aswell.. why is this? Why can't we accept ourselves and love the skin we are in? With black people is it slave mentality? 

If you haven't yet watched the documentary, I suggest you do because it's a real eye opener. Watch It Here

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you have any experiences with colorism? What are your preferences and why? Comment below :) Let's have a healthy debate. 

Much Love, 




June 16 Youth Day

Southern Africans Celebrate Youth Day in London 

June 16 is a national holiday in South Africa, which commemorates the Soweto Uprising of 1976. The dissatisfaction of the Bantu educational system and the teaching of Afrikaans and English as languages of instruction caused the uprising. The uprising witnessed the killing of over 700 students including the killing of Hector Pieterson.
Hector Pieterson became the subject of an iconic image of the 1976 Soweto Uprising when a dying Hector (13) who was shot when the police opened fire on the protesting students; was photographed being carried by another pupil, with his sister by his side. This image was broadcasted around the world and stimulated the world to take stronger action against the apartheid regime and further it revealed the political strength of the black youths of Apartheid South Africa.
 For years, the date June 16 has stood as a symbol of resistance to the brutality of the apartheid government. Today, it is labeled as National Youth Day - when South Africans honor young people of the past and celebrate the youth of today, our future.
 It was no different here in London as Southern Africans from across the country came together over the weekend to celebrate this special day. The gathering was held at the South African pub, ‘The Orange Bull Sports Bar’ were the hosts of the event The South African Youth Development showcased the talents of Noni Zondi, a multi-talented songstress with an unforgettable body, Lebo Snookums, an aspiring and upcoming singer graced the stage with their vocals.
 Asanda Jezile, the 11year old talented singer with an infectious and bubbly personality who impressed the judges and the nation on this year's Britain's Got Talent with her rendition of Rihanna's 'Diamonds' at her audition also made an appearance at the event.
 "Home away from home" is how I would describe this past weekend. The pub's garden had a full on Braai with Pap, Boerewors, Chakalaka, Braai meat along with a variety of Southern African Alcoholic beverages. People were speaking in their mother tongues and the Kwaito and House music was blaring through the speakers; this took me back home, until a harsh moment of reality hit me as I realised I was quite cold, yes you guessed it - typical British weather. Everyone's spirits were lifted and I met some amazing people. The ladies were rocking some lovely statement beaded pieces from all over Africa and the men in their Springbok t-shirts. The Southern African talent we have in this country is overwhelming and I am looking forward to the future, where we put South Africa on the map. The event, sponsored by Nedbank, was a huge success with it's proceedings going to the charity Chiva Africa, who help save children with HIV in South Africa. 
Braai (Bbq) Meat, Chakalaka & Pap


Ladies donning some African Accessories 

Asanda Jezile (BGT 2013) 

Noni Zondi with brothers 2Kriss 
 Mpho x


Day Two...

Striped Polo Neck - Primark 
Electric Blue Skirt - TopShop 
Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridges 
Cut-Out Boots  - TopShop
Triangle Earings - TopShop
Rings - Mixture of TopShop and Markets 

Hey Everyone =)
Just a quick post about what I wore today. As you may know from the previous post, I'm currently in Cornwall with my parents and my bestie who has literally just created her own blog (Rose) do check it out =) Today hasn't been half as fun and productive as yesterday, the weather has been absolutely terrible, which has resulted in a major change of plans. Went to a small town called Truro, was quite disappointed to be honest, the brochure definitely sold us a dream, all there was to do was to walk around the town and markets.. I think the highlight of my day was the delicious Cornish pastry I demolished. Anyway, going out for dinner later at a seafood restaurant that was recommended, so hopefully that will live up to my expectations. Till the next post.... 

Mpho x