RI-RI's Latest River Island Range!

Take Two Unveiled 

Rihanna has unveiled a autumn/winter 2013 collection for River Island. The 25-year-old singer's designs and second collection is so much better in my opinion than the last range, however, if you want to look anything close to RiRi you are risking the chance of filing for bankruptcy because quite frankly some of the pieces are just ridiculously expensive!
Camouflage Bomber Jacket, £80

Baseball Top, £40

Leather Pencil Skirt, £100

Camouflage Heels, £60

Black Heels, £60

Heeled Boots, £120

Black Rucksack, £20

Black Underwear Set, £25

Camouflage Crop Top, £25

Camouflage Crop Jumper, £35

Limited Edition Leather Jacket, £200

Cropped Hoodie, £40

Striped Maxi Dress, £60

Red Mesh Dress, £50

Model (left) top, £30;skirt, £40; boots, £120. (Right) dress, £60; boots, £120.
The 80-piece collection mixes an urban sports luxe theme with sophisticated, chic looks. Metallic, tartan, floral, camouflage, stripe, denim, leathers, and high shine vinyl are all strong elements in the collection, which also includes beanies and underwear with her name plastered everywhere (trying to be Calvin Klein are we?) The collection arrives in two drops, with one in September and then in November. Embossed leather jackets, and trousers, camp-printed sets and heavy, chunky boots are part of the limited-edition collection with only 100 of each design available. Did you hear that Rihanna Navy??? 100 OF EACH!! So you better be quick!!
The range is on sale in selected stores and online at www.riverisland.com from 12 September. Check out some of the pieces below (and brace yourselves for the price tags). 

Rihanna sure know's how to market her collection. Her Instagram has been filled with pictures of the star wearing her own line. Rihanna is a walking ad campaign as she has been wearing her G4Life leggings, camo crop tops and heels and monochrome print leggings. Guess she wasn't lying when she said "I literally designed everything I want to wear, exactly how I want to wear it". 
Seeing as i'm not the broke student I was few months ago (thank you H&M) I think I might just get one or two (or three) pieces from this collection, what an improvement from the last collection, I really do like some of the things this time. 

What do you think? Too overpriced? What piece you've seen from the new collection is a must have? Or are you just not impressed? Comment below :) 

Mpho x 


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