Jay's On My Feet

 Joinin' The Hype...

I know what you're probably thinking… Yes I do have tiny feet, I'm a size 3. My lovely boyfriend got me a pair of Jordan 5's for my birthday after months of pestering him. As you have probably gathered, I am not really a trainer sort of girl, infact, apart from converse and the odd platform trainers these Jordan's have earned the title of my "first pair of proper trainers".

Well, technically speaking that's not entirely true. I have very fond memories wearing pink K Swiss Tongue Twisters, who remembers those? That alone should tell you how long it's been since I had trainers lol. 

I've been planning to wear my new babies since I got them but for some weird reason I felt so maternal towards them, I didn't want to wear them outside incase I got them dirty, but I finally did it, and guess what? The minute I made it as far as the train station, it rained like I have never seen it rain before (typical!).. I was so gutted.

A leather jacket would've completed this look, however, I didn't take any chances, it's been so cold lately I decided to wear my parka jacket instead. Kept the outfit quite simple, perfect for a long day at uni. 

Netted Baseball Tee - Primark 
Leggings with Leather Panel - H&M 
Fringed Leather Backpack  - Bank (Birthday gift) 
Lips - Ruby Woo by MAC (Birthday gift)