New In | Shoes

So for the past week I've been redecorating my room, and sorting out my wardrobe. Out with the old in with the new type thing. And amidst all that I came to the conclusion that I have no shoes whatsoever. Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration... But I don't have any shoes that I'm crazy about right now. I'm always wearing the same old shoes.

The black "summer sliders" or "Birkenstocks"(obviously they're not the real mccoys) whatever you want to call them are a massive trend right now. They are not everyones cup of tea, and I must admit they did remind me of my grandma a 'lil bit (she used to live in these) but after seeing them at work for only £12.99 and trying them on I was in love. They are sooooooo comfortable! And literally go with everything. I'm talking jeans, skirts, dresses etc they are just great, I can't wait to get my hands on the real things.

The Croc effect "Skaters" as Topshop refers to them are another popular pair of shoes. I've seen these on just about everyone, and I can't say I blame them because for only £20 (that's good for Topshop too) they are a bargain, and once again so damn comfortable. I really wanted them in black too but unfortunately had no size, but I will be keeping my eyes peeled. They also had these in a soft pink colour and black with a suede effect so definitely check them out at your nearest store.

A good way to really see what's in your wardrobe, what you need or don't need for that matter is to sort your wardrobe out. Give your drawers a quick fold and you might be pleasantly surprised with what you come across. Some long lost hidden gems perhaps...

Mpho x


  1. Hey boo, I love the divided ones, and I have the white,black and pastel pink croc slip ons haha. Little bit obsessed.

    1. Lol you got all 3? They're proper comfy so don't blame you. x